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So when Google’s machine algorithms signalize that there’s something “suspicious” about a website, or when people report that website to Google, it can be manually reviewed, with relevant actions taken.

Users can report websites to Google when they see pages with spam, paid links or malware in search results.

However, even if you don’t have a manual penalty, you still could be affected by an algorithmic filter.

Here’s what Marie had to say:

A filter is a part of the main algorithm that can cause your site to be algorithmically suppressed. For example, the Panda algorithm can act like a filter. If your site is deemed lower quality by Panda, then the filter can act like an anchor that holds your site down. This anchor can make it really hard for you to rank well.


In the past, Panda and Penguin were algorithmic filters that would run periodically. Google would update the algorithm and then, if Panda or Penguin thought your site had issues, they would put something like an invisible flag on your site that would cause it to be suppressed. Over the last few years though, much has changed in how Panda and Penguin run. They are both baked into the algorithm and run continuously now. Also, Penguin no longer suppresses sites. As such, it gets difficult to talk about either of these as a distinct filter.

There are likely also additional types of filters now that aren’t Panda or Penguin. For example, it’s possible that the general core quality algorithm could consider parts or all of your site as lower quality and cause a ranking suppression. A good example of this is for sites that are lacking in E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trust). If you are, say, a medical site that is offering medical advice, but you don’t have real-life E-A-T, then Google may put a filter on the site that causes a demotion.

It’s worth pointing out that the E-A-T acronym was not created by Marie herself, but rather by Google in their Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines . (See page #32)

Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness (E-­A-­T) is what shapes the quality of a web page when reviewed by Search Quality evaluators.

Further reading

But how do you know if you’re suffering from an algorithmic filer?

Here’s Marie’s take:

If you are negatively affected by an algorithmic filter, there is no notification from Google on this. The best way to determine this is by looking at Google organic traffic and seeing if you have a drop that coincides with a known or suspected Google algorithm update . But even then, it’s not guaranteed that this update was the cause of your drop. Algorithmic filters are really hard to diagnose.

Editor’s note

With Penguin 4.0 in full swing, identifying algorithmic penalties may be a little harder than it was in the past.

In both studies, significant CHD was defined as the presence of one or more ≥70% obstructive lesions by coronary angiography. Angiograms were reviewed by the patient's cardiologist, and from those, patients were determined to have single-, double-, or triple-vessel disease as defined by the presence of a ≥70% stenosis in each major epicardial vessel, with left main stenosis of ≥50% counting as two vessels.

Serial laboratory testing was a voluntary substudy in TRIUMPH performed within a median of 1 day of discharge (25th–75th: 0–2 days). Blood samples in TRIUMPH were processed, serum separated, refrigerated, and sent by overnight mail in freezer packs to the core laboratory (Lenexa, KS, USA). Serum specimens were aliquoted, stored frozen at −70°C, and then sent to Atherotech (Birmingham, AL, USA) by overnight mail on dry ice. In IHCS, all patients consented to blood sampling at the time of coronary angiography. Samples were collected in EDTA and refrigerated at 4°C. Within 24 h, samples were centrifuged, plasma and DNA were separated and stored cryogenically, and then samples were later sent to Atherotech.

Cholesterol concentrations of lipoprotein classes [HDL-C, LDL-C, intermediate-density lipoprotein cholesterol (IDL-C), very-low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (VLDL-C), and lipoprotein(a) [Lp(a)] and subclasses (including HDL 2 -C and HDL 3 -C) were measured in the same laboratory by the Vertical Auto Profile (VAP) method (Atherotech). 18–20 The VAP method separates lipoproteins based on their density using single vertical-spin density gradient ultracentrifugation, then quantifies cholesterol content using an enzymatic reaction and spectrophotometric absorbance.

The accuracy of the VAP procedure has been validated and is monitored on an ongoing basis by comparing its results with those obtained from the standard beta quantification procedure performed at the Core Laboratories for Clinical Studies at Washington University (St Louis, MO, USA) using split serum specimens. The following correlation coefficients ( r ) are typically obtained: total cholesterol, 0.99; HDL-C, 0.99; LDL-C, 0.98; VLDL-C, 0.98; IDL-C, 0.78; Lp(a)-C, 0.77; HDL 2 -C, 0.94, and HDL 3 -C, 0.91. Typical between-days coefficients of variation are: total cholesterol, 2.0%; HDL-C, 2.9%; LDL-C, 2.1%; VLDL-C, 2.8%; IDL-C, 8.2%; Lp(a)-C, 9.1%; HDL 2 -C, 9.2%, and HDL 3 -C, 2.5%.

Apolipoprotein A1 was measured in all TRIUMPH patients and 1478 IHCS patients by immunoassay (Abbott/Architect C8000; Abbott Park, IL, USA), calibrated against WHO/IFCC/CDC apolipoprotein A1 Reference Material SP1–01. 21 Results from VAP and apolipoprotein testing were available for research purposes, but not to the treating providers.

Research staff conducted detailed chart abstractions to capture baseline characteristics, including the sociodemographic and clinical parameters presented in Table 1 . The methods of risk factor measurement have been previously described in TRIUMPH 16 and IHCS. 17

Nowitzki has spent the last 20 seasons in Dallas. He isn't about to open the next one anywhere else. Still, it could have been fun to see how the rest of the Association values the 40-year-old former MVP.

He lost whatever athleticism he had, but Father Time has had trouble eroding Nowitzki's skill set. The 13-time All-Star just set a personal best with Discount From China Visit New Online Charlie embroidered cotton tunic dress Kalita Clearance Shop Offer wNfKk
per 36 minutes, and his 40.9 percent conversion rate was his fourth-highest.

He was last a playoff participant in 2016, but Dallas is trying to get him back there at least once before he walks away. The Mavs were a 58-loss squad last season, but they could be poised to spring forward after adding Jordan, Luka Doncic and Jalen Brunson.

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This market has treated almost every sharpshooter favorably. Wayne Ellington appeared in the perfect position to take advantage of that when 23 teams expressed interest early in the process, per Discount Outlet Locations TShirt Aya black Tigha Shopping Online Cheap Online Outlet Looking For Shop Offer Cheap Price 0lfNvZ0
of the Associated Press.

But there aren't as many openings —and not nearly as much money —as when the market opened. Ellington isn't searching for scraps yet, but any window he had to join a contender and cash in could be closed.

That might not be the worst thing to happen, since he has Finishline Cheap Price Cool Shopping Mens New Rhomb Doppelpack Calf Socks pack of 2 Esprit Clearance Free Shipping Brand New Unisex Outlet Perfect DFBn2fiXh8
his preference is to stick with the Heat. That's assuming, of course, Miami either moves some money off its books or launches into the luxury tax —for a non-contending roster —to keep him around.

This is a surprising turn of events, given that Ellington specializes in the one thing the entire Association is buying.

He's an elite shooter.He was one of only 14 players to launch at least seven triples per game in 2017-18. In that group, he was also one of five to clear 39-plus percent from three: Stephen Curry , Klay Thompson, Paul George and Kyle Lowry.

That's why, despite being average at best defensively and limited off the bounce, he was invaluable for Miami. Among its rotation players, only Kelly Olynyk had a wider Buy Cheap Find Great Mens Boxershorts Boxer Shorts Schiesser Sale Fashionable Best Cheap Price Cheap 2018 Unisex Low Cost 6ey09kxngy
(plus-2.5 with Ellington, minus-1.6 without).

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Certain parts of Jabari Parker's resume suggested a massive payday was inevitable. Who doesn't want a 23-year-old former No. 2 pick who's been both a 49.0 percent shooter for his career and contributed points per 36 minutes over the past two seasons?

A lot of teams might not, actually.

The market hasn't responded the way Parker wanted, with sources telling Schultz clubs are concerned with Parker's attitude and health.

"[I] don't think anyone wants him," one executive said.

That sounds like an extreme take, but the health risks are real. Parker hasmissed 145 of a possible 328 regular-season games over his first four seasons, twice tearing the ACL in his left knee.

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